The importance of starting a pilot training in glider fight

Another great week with Air Dream College in Alentejo.

The students in our first ATPL (A) – Modular class at Air Dream College started their glider flights at Amendoeira Aerodrome in Montemor-o-Novo this week.


As the name suggests, a glider is a non-powered aircraft with high levels of aerodynamic efficiency, allowing it to glide at a high pace.

The ATPL-Modular Students will highlight and reinforce their theoretical knowledge, such as aerodynamics, performance, and meteorology, with this type of initial training, which is carried out through a protocol signed between Centro de Voo Livre and Air Dream College.

Air Dream College Thanks to all of the instructors at Centro de Voo Livre for enabling us to be the first Aviation School in Portugal to give this opportunity to our students, particularly Commander Joaquim Sá Correia and Commander Joaquim Ramalho, for their commitment to the aeronautical cause and professionalism shown to those who had the privilege of learning to glide.


Thank you to Centro de Voo Livre and its Instructors for believing in our project and assisting us in this phase of creativity in the Portuguese aeronautical training market, making Air Dream College the first aviation school to begin practical glider training.

We’re building the perfect atmosphere for the best pilots to train!

Aeronautical Greetings

Air Dream College

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