Aviation Talks


The “Aviation Talks” channel is an exclusive Air Dream College Vodcast that offers bi-monthly free meetings with a range of guests from  civil, private, and military aviation worlds. We will  be presenting the following each month:

– Testimonies from aeronautical experts, including key decisions, perspectives, and exciting stories from their careers.

– Student testimonials about their amazing experience flying in gliders and their first solo flights, as well as listening to personal experiences of others who wish to intervene.

– Include good news about aviation, such as an overview of future perspectives and some options for reacting to the pandemic in 2021.

– Exclusive videos and curiosities about the aviation world.

– Address generic topics such as Aerodynamics, Communications, Meteorology etc..


Next Meeting: Fatigue associated with high temperatures 

Date:  23/04/2021 at 18:00h

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