Modular vs Integrado

Differences beetween Modular and Integrated ATPL (A)

If you want to become a Commercial Pilot you need to attend an ATPL (A) Course in a certified/approved aviation school (ATO – Approved Training Organization) and in conformity with the National Aviation Authority in the country where you will attend classes. In Portugal it is ANAC – Autoridade Nacional de Aviação Nacional. 
According the ATO you will choose you will have to make the option: Integrated or Modular.

We will explain the main differences between them:

Modular ATPL (A)

It is different than the Integrated ATPL (A) because this license it is obtained by modules and independent exams during the all course.

This option allows anyone, even with no aviation experience, to have his/her license to the rhythm he/she pretends.

It is a very popular choice between people that are studying or working and don´t want to stop it.

It also allows to see his/her Pilot Qualifications grow throw time.

Air Dream College - escola de aviação

Students that choose Modular ATPL (A) need to attend and conclude several individual courses to obtain their qualifications and licenses:

  1. Private Pilot Licence (PPL(A));
  2. Night Rating (NR);
  3. ATPL Theory (Ground School);
  4. Hour Building;
  5. Instrument Rating;
  6. Upset Prevention Recovery Training (UPRT);
  7. Multi-Engine Rating (MEP + SEP)
  8. Multi-Engine Instrument Rating (ME/IR);
  9. Commercial Pilot License (CPL(A));

Another difference is that the student can study on its own, these means that the course will take the rhythm the student wants.

The challenge in a Modular ATPL (A) it is precisely the control over schedules, how and when to study.

Some of the advantages are:

  •  The student does the course on its own rhythm and capability to pay;
  • Everything can be personalized, to better attend the students needs, preferences and personal objectives; 
  •  Modular courses have more real flying hours;
  • The amount of money spent on a Modular ATPL (A) it is less then in an Integrated ATPL (A) one;
  •  The structure of a Modular ATPL (A) is more flexible and the order of some training elements can be switched, according to instructor – student school dynamic;
  •  Modular ATPL (A) is adapted to people that are giving their first steps in the world of aviation and can managed it step by step;

 Integrated ATPL (A)
Integrated ATPL (A), like the name suggests it is a non-stop course. The student needs to go to classes every day with a tight schedule, with no breaks or any flexibility. It is like high school. The student starts from zero, it is called ab initio, and only stops when he/she has is ATPL (A) Frozen license completed.

Normally you have all the theory phase first and then the flight phase, that can take 18 to 24 months depending on the weather, student progress and some other factors, like school fleet, number of instructors per student.

One advantage is that the student enters an intense phase of study and can finish the course quicker.

But, Integrated ATPL (A) is also associated to some limitations:

  •  If in 36 months and after approving all 14 exams in ANAC, the course it is not concluded, you have to start from zero and pay another one;
  • Normally the student do less flying hours and more simulator hours because of the time frame to finish the course;
  •  Normally it is more expensive than the Modular ATPL (A);

The time do decide can be different to everyone. Air Dream College it is by your side to help you make the best and right decision!

We are prepared for the new world of aviation! And You?

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