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With the added responsibility and protection that comes with the current situation, Air Dream College continued its education system, closing its facilities on March 9 and beginning to teach classes through its distance learning system.

We put together all of the conditions for our students to continue their training with quality and personalized monitoring with an academic management program in B-learning, battling the conditions imposed by this recent epidemic at home without ever jeopardizing your security.

moodle escola de aviação

Air Dream College’s platforms, and thus its students’, consider both regular classes with instructors through audiovisual means as well as support for continued study.

Today we are going to tell you about the NAS:

NAS stands for Network Attached Storage server, which can be loosely translated as “network linked storage server.” It is a dedicated storage unit that allows multiple computers to share and store data on a single local network.

The NAS-ADC server is usually used to coordinate, centralize, and backup data, but it can also run sophisticated applications, share information through the internet (cloud storage), or store virtual classes, images, or documents that can be shared with hundreds of users via a monitoring system.

There is no need to buy additional hardware or software for the system’s implementation, whether in a Mac or Windows environment, since it is self-contained and entirely online. As a result, all of our students have access to this framework through individual “folders” and have access to the information they need to continue their education.

Link Moodle-ADC:

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