Qualidade de voo

Fleet Tecnam P2002JF

Air Dream College actually has four brand new Tecnam P2002JF aircraft!

The Tecnam P2002JF includes the most recent Tecnam aircraft inventions. On this aircraft, the use of advanced software revealed an excellent combination of performance and structural reliability.

It is an aircraft that allows you to fly in style while still offering outstanding flight quality due to its excellent visibility.

The low wing makes the aircraft lighter, showing less “drag,” resulting in lower fuel consumption and improved speed and maneuverability. On the other hand, because of the ground impact, the aircraft is closer to the ground, allowing for a faster take-off and acceleration, a compelling argument for instructional aircraft, especially on short runways like Évora.

The interior is light, airy, and comfortable. The seats are height-adjustable throughout the flight and get higher as you go.

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